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Maped Helix USA 5 Inch

Maped helix usa is a5 inch right handed spring-assisted scissors that come with an easy to use, video tutorial. These scissors are perfect for kids who are learning how to scissors. With a 5 inch blunt tip, these scissors are sure to cut corners on paper. Plus, the soft, luxuriousaware feel will make your cutting experience better.

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The maped helix usa 5 inch scissor is the perfect toy for young children who love to play with their hands. The flexible handles make it easy to cut and cut through playtime. The sharp left hand edge is perfect for maximum playtime.
the maped helix usa 5 inch is the perfect combination of stylish and effective. This scissor has a blunt tip that is designed to cut through complex webbing quickly and easily. The spring-assisted handle ensures even use and the 5 inch size is perfect for kids. And the pink and blue colors are best for parties or carnivals. It also has a green blade for easier gripping. The blue blade is also automatic, so it can be turned off if it becomes dirty. These scissors are short, but they're not so short that they can't reach things that people areobyl. They're also easy to hold and easy to use.